The Day I Died

My Astonishing Trip to Heaven and Back

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  • Freddy Vest was on the back of a horse, competing in a calf-roping event in front of a crowd when he suddenly collapsed due to a heart attack. He was dead before he hit the ground.
    One moment he was sitting on his horse. The next moment he was somewhere else--somewhere beyond description. He had moved on. Without travel, transport, angelic assistance, or the passage of time he was with Jesus, where he discovered firsthand that heaven is a real place and God is a real person and that death is not the end but the beginning of true life.

    In The Day I Died, Vest touches on the transformation from death to heaven and some of the benefits of finding oneself in that place, including:
    • The unforgettable awareness of God’s presence
    • The sense of His immeasurable love
    • The freedom from the constraints of time
    • The ease of communication with the Lord
    • The peace and security that attend His presence
    • The understanding that prayers are instantly heard by God.

  • Freddy Vest is a custom home builder, part-time cowboy, and full-time Christian.  He has been married for 27 years and has three children. He has acted in “Dallas,” “Early Days Dallas,” and “Walker Texas Ranger,” as well as in several movies and national commercials. He has told the story of his life-after-death experience on CBN’s The 700 Club and speaks to churches about his experiences.
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