The Redemption of the Jews

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  • Isaiah 6:9 is a prophecy to Israel that they will ‚Äúhear but not understand‚Äù; that they will ‚Äúsee but not perceive‚Äù this word from God to the nation¬†was¬†evident even¬†when Jesus, the Messiah, came to Israel. They heard Him and saw Him but did not understand Him or perceive who He was. As a result, a ‚Äúspirit of slumber‚Äù is upon the people to this day (Isaiah¬†29:10,¬†Romans¬†11:7-8).¬†¬†Nationally, Israel has not yet awakened to belief in Jesus.

    But there is good news!  The Jews are still God’s chosen people, and God promises their joyous redemption to come (Romans 11:25-27). 

    Angella Thomas delivers a two-pronged message of hope and challenge: Jewish readers will be given hope when they see the remedy for this historical blindness, and Christians will be challenged to join God in fulfilling the redemption of His people.  "But Israel shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting salvation...." Isaiah 45:17.  

  • Angella Thomas is simply a Christian who loves God, and who is called to write¬†and teach¬†His Word.¬†She¬†studied¬†at Faith Theological Seminary in Tampa, Florida.¬†¬†Notwithstanding, Angella accredits her relationship with God for her knowledge and understanding of what she writes. She¬†is still¬†on her journey to fully obeying Him.
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