The Remnant

Restoring Integrity to American Ministry

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  • God is issuing a call to bring integrity back to American Christianity.

    The foundational truths in this book will show the way. In this book Larry Stockstill challenges readers with principles for turning our nation around to integrity and commitment and precluding the judgment of God.

    There is a new breed of pastors and laypeople who are asking the tough questions:
    • Where has the glory of God gone in the American church?
    • When did the simple, pure gospel of the Savior become about "me," "my," and "mine"?
    • What happened to the transparency and integrity that marked the church for centuries?

    To each reader God is saying, "I want to start with you." Allow this book to shake you to the core and reorganize your family, your ministry, and your future.

  • Larry Stockstill is senior pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As one of America’s leading cell churches, Bethany is known for its small group mentoring relationships and its emphasis on prayer and missions outreach. The church currently holds weekend services at three campuses in the Baton Rouge area, and Bethany members meet weekly in small groups around the city.

    • ISBN-10: 1599794543
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781599794549
    • Number Of Pages: 208
    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Charisma House
    • Height: 7 in
    • Thickness: 0.503 in
    • Width: 5 in
    • Publication Date: 20080909
    • Language: English

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