The Weapon of Prayer

Maximize Your Greatest Strategy Against the Enemy

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  • The Christian walk is a warfare walk.

    We cannot sit idly by and expect to enter heaven loaded down with God’s promises. We must fight our dreaded adversaries in a most skillful way. This is how we are going to fulfill the Great Commission, bring deliverance to the captives, build a hedge of protection around our families, and put Satan on the defense.

    David D. Ireland provides an in-depth, yet easily applicable, teaching to help you become a victorious warrior. You will learn how to adopt a new biblical mind-set; how to put faith in action in career, marriage, parenting, etc.; and how to seize your destiny.

    Prayer was Jesus’s secret weapon, and it must be yours too. Just as a soldier goes through boot camp to learn how to skillfully use his weapons, this book will be your spiritual boot camp for mastering your greatest weapon—PRAYER.

  • David D. Ireland, PhD, is the founding and lead pastor of Christ Church, an 8,000-member multisite and multiracial congregation of over forty nationalities in New Jersey. Diversity consultant to the National Basketball Association, Ireland hosts seminars nationally and internationally on diversity, leadership, marriage, and prayer. He’s the author of over 20 books including Journey to the Mountain of God and The Kneeling Warrior.

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