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Miracles Happen When You Stay in the Supernatural

Miracles Happen When You Stay in the Supernatural

On June 26, 1996, at the Christ for the Nations Institute, Marilyn Hickey spoke a Word over Marcus and me. She charged us to, "Stay in the supernatural." But what in the world did she mean by that? Well, to start with, you have to already be “in” something to “stay in” something. We were moving in the supernatural and Marilyn was encouraging us to never step out of that lane. There's no other way to explain what has happened with this ministry, from the seed the Lord planted in our hearts to where we are now, other than supernatural. Though we had to choose to follow His leading, it’s been a sovereign work of God. It was way bigger than Marcus and it’s way bigger than me. Undeniably, Marcus was a special, anointed, vessel hand-picked by the Lord. We both were and we both took some pretty devastating blows that in the natural should have shattered us both, but the Lord held us together cracks and all. Fortunately for us, He loves to shine His light through our cracks. In fact, cracked vessels with light shining from inside them make some of the most beautiful pieces. That could be one of the definitions of the ministry the Lord has for us, just being real and letting His light shine through our cracks.

Then, on November 15, 1996, five months after Marilyn Hickey’s word, another world-renown minister who I’ll keep nameless, prophesied that God would give our fledgling television ministry a whole network of TV stations and that if we would never be ashamed of the Holy Spirit and we would always stand for revival we would go around the world. That was unheard of and seemed impossible. It was a bold and risky prophecy that could have ruined her credibility if not accurate.

Yet, a little over a year later, the Lord miraculously opened the door for Daystar to acquire several new TV stations and become a nationwide TV network. From that moment on, it was like a stream of dominoes falling, as TV station after TV station, in city after city, across America began to open up allowing us to blanket the nation with a much needed message of the gospel. The reports of people’s lives being changed was staggering. Then, the dominoes just kept falling as Daystar went global in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Countries like the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), the Virgin Islands, Nepal, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Philippines, Scandinavia and the Baltic States, Israel, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and the list is still growing.

As of 2023 Joni Table Talk is on other networks like CBS, A&E, FYI, and Fox Business. It’s not a stretch to say Daystar is reaching Billions (with a B) of souls with the gospel message of hope and healing. All from two young kids with virtually nothing, who didn’t know much but sought to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and follow. Sometimes obedience meant sacrifice and trusting when we didn’t have full understanding of what the Lord was up to. And when we would simply obey in faith, He would supernaturally bring us through and entrust us with more.

Here’s something that most who watch Daystar these days probably don’t know, especially the critics. When we were preparing to make the move to Dallas, we got an offer from a secular businessman to sell the station in Montgomery for almost $3 million. In the natural it seemed like the favor of God. Do you know what $3 million would have done for us? It would have set us up to basically buy and build the station in Dallas. Yet, God had another plan. He wanted to keep us in faith. When it came time to sell, just like the Holy Spirit “forbade” the apostle Paul to go into certain regions even when it appeared the right thing to do, the Holy Spirit “forbade” us to sell. He wanted the station to remain dedicated to Christian ministry. Although, the businessman was honorable, we had to turn him down and give it to God. Consider that again. We turned down $3 million. In addition to that, to get the FCC construction permit to build a station in Dallas, Marcus sold the five acres of land, in three days, that his parents had given him for a college graduation present to come up with the $10,000 earnest money for the KMPX contract just to be able to build at some point. In so many ways we could have justified selling and taking the $3 million, but the Lord said no. Talk about a step of faith.

Hear what I’m not saying. I’m not saying that we didn’t make mistakes. We made plenty. We’re not all that. It’s worth repeating that this has been a supernatural, sovereign work of God beyond us. We were, and still are merely stewards of what the Lord is doing. Of course, the enemy, working through people and companies, wasn’t too happy about it. Like a continuous bombardment of flaming arrows, one after another, they would come against us. Lawsuits to keep us from expanding, buying, getting licenses, building a tower, you name it. Lightening hit a tower putting a station off the air for a while. Chrisitan companies and leaders expressing doubt trying to discourage us from moving forward. Jealousy. False and misleading information being said and printed about us. The tower workers falling. I could go on and on. Like I said, we’ve had over forty lawsuits filed against us and have never lost a single one, not one. God defends us. That doesn’t keep the enemy from trying though. All of it is another example of obeying God that leads into the storm and watching Him walk on the water hold out His hand and calming the turbulent waves. We were learning to sleep on the boat with Jesus while the lighting and thunder and rain raged all around threatening to sink us.

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